The Apothecary

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2012, 8:36 am

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The Apothecary

Maile Meloy


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Kate F

Kids, Tweens

General fiction, Historical


In brief


Meloy's style is classic and timeless, and has an appeal for both kids and adults.

Can three kids stop Russian spies from detonating a bomb, figure out how to use the Pharmacopoeia (an apothecary's ancient book of knowledge) and save the apothecary himself?

I fell in love with Janie and Benjamin and their scrappy sidekick Pip during their adventure that starts in London, ends off the coast of arctic Norway and involves invisibility and shape-shifting. Plus, it doesn't hurt that The Apothecary is so well-written!

This book has so many awesome things: Cold War, little bit o' magic, little bit o' mystery, a really sweet romance, a strong female protagonist, adventure, Britishness... it's an all-around winner.