Moosewood Restaurant Favorites: The 250 Most-Requested, Naturally Delicious Recipes from One of America's Best-Loved Restaurants

Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2014, 8:36 am

In brief


My new favorite cookbook! I've been eating my way through it all winter.

The first cookbook I ever bought was Mollie Katzen's The New Moosewood Cookbook, and like many before me, I LOVED it. A selection of recipes from Katzen's Moosewood restaurant in upstate New York, it won me over with its endearing hand-lettering and illustrations and simple, tasty vegetarian recipes. It's been a beloved go-to ever since.

This new book, Moosewood Restaurant Favorites cookbook, marks the 40th anniversary of the Moosewood restaurant's opening, and it is gorgeous. Full of the restaurant's most requested recipes (some familiar, some new and exciting) and beautiful photos of all the delicious foods I want to eat, it further cements my Moosewood love. So far, I have eaten two pots (each!) of Our Best Chili and Caribbean Red Beans (YUM) and a pan of the House Cornbread (similarly YUM). Next up: Eggplant-Mushroom Marsala.

This time around, Katzen includes a fish section, so this one isn't a vegetarian cookbook, but there's more than plenty there for the veggie-minded. Now, excuse me while I drool over the Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting recipe.