The Tragedy Paper

Posted: Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 9:00 am

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The Tragedy Paper

Elizabeth LaBan


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Kate F


General fiction


In brief


A bittersweet story of first love.

I have a major soft spot for boarding school books, so when I heard about The Tragedy Paper, I knew I must read it.

Duncan, a senior at the Irving School, finds a trove of audio CDs in his dorm room left by the room's previous resident, Tim. The CDs recount Tim's transfer to the Irving School during his senior year, when he falls for the beautiful and beguiling Vanessa, only to find she has a boyfriend. An albino, Tim figures that Vanessa will never love him back.

But the pair begin a clandestine relationship unaware that a tragedy is approaching. As Duncan listens to Tim's CDs, he comes closer and closer to finding out what it is. I found Tim and Duncan's alternating narration to be really captivating. My heart ached for Tim and his feelings of loneliness and insecurity. And, like Duncan, I dreaded hearing what the tragedy would be, but I absolutely had to know.