Hank Finds An Egg

Posted: Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 8:38 am

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Hank Finds An Egg

Rebecca Dudley


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Kristin M


Picture book

In brief


A whimsical woodland creature learns a lesson in kindness in this beautifully photographed, wordless picture book. Hank is sure to win you over!

While strolling through the woods on an afternoon walk, Hank discovers an egg on the forest floor. Well, Hank is a thoughtful little dude and since he wants this little egg to be safe and snug in its rightful nest, he sets about on a nest-hunt.

He finds the nest rather quickly and although he's too little to reach it, he doesn't give up! Hank tries everything, from tree stump stools to a ladder made from found branches, but he just can't reach the nest. He spends the whole night protecting the egg and brainstorming. The next morning, he meets a new friend to help him in his task.

I won't spoil the ending, so you'll have to check out a copy to learn the fate of Hank's teeny friend.

Hank stole my heart from the very first page of his story. Author Rebecca Dudley creates beautifully detailed dioramas starring Hank and other characters from her Storywoods fairy tale land. Her style makes Hank's story stand out as a delightful departure from traditionally illustrated books.

Oh, and did I mention Hank Finds an Egg is totally wordless? That means young readers can explore Hank's world in their own time and develop strong narrative skills.

This book has so many special qualities, what's not to love?