Posted: Tuesday, March 18, 2014, 8:44 am

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Julianna Baggott


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Kristin M

Teens, Adults

Award winner, Sci fi

In brief


I couldn't stop reading this modern sci-fi classic, and I devoured its two sequels as fast as I could.

Pressia, a girl living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, is a Wretch. Wretches live in a wasteland that has been ravaged by nuclear explosions. Pressia and her grandfather work as healers. They help sick or injured Wretches get back to full health-- not an easy task, given the fact that all Wretches have been fused in some way with their surroundings when the nuclear explosions hit. Some are missing limbs or have shrapnel embedded in their bodies. Others have appliances, animals or other humans fused to them.

But not everyone in this dark world is a Wretch. Those that have been untouched by the explosions are called Pures and live in the protection of the Dome, a huge living space that isolates Pures from the outside world.

Pures have a hold on the Wretches. Seen as a benevolent dictator, the leader of the Pures demands that all teenage Wretches either become trained as soldiers or-- if they are too small or weak-- become live targets for soldiers in training. Pressia, with a debilitating fusion, is likely to become a target if she doesn't run. She aligns herself with an underground group of Wretches determined to overthrow the Dome, and sets out on a terrifying adventure.

If you're looking for a fast-paced read, and you enjoy stories with rich world-building and detailed, relatable characters, you should pick up this book. And good news for series addicts: Pure is a trilogy and Worthington Libraries has all three! If you're still not convinced this is a great read, consider that Pure won the American Library Association's Alex Award in 2013, where it was recognized as an adult book with appeal to teen readers.