Posted: Friday, September 20, 2013, 8:34 am

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Hannah Moskowitz


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Kristin M


General fiction, Fantasy

In brief


Read this haunting novel while wrapped in a blanket with your favorite cup of coffee in hand. This book will pull you in and chill you to the bone.

How did Rudy go from being a popular high school junior with a hot girlfriend (or several) to living in an isolated, wind-weathered shack on an island in the middle of nowhere? Well, some people will do anything for family.

Rudy's younger brother, Dylan, has cystic fibrosis and in a last-ditch effort to save him, his parents moved the whole family out to a remote island. The potential cure? Magic fish. I know it sounds insane, but bear with me. The remote island on which Rudy is now trapped is populated by hundreds of sick people who are eating as many fish as they can to cure them of otherwise incurable diseases.

And guess what? Dylan is getting better. Meanwhile, Rudy is drowning in loneliness; his parents barely notice him because they are so preoccupied with Dylan. Rudy's days and nights are hopeless and meaningless. That is, until he meets Teeth.

Teeth is a rude boy with the mouth of a sailor and the tail of a fish. As Rudy gets to know Teeth, he discovers some terrible secrets about the island, its people and Teeth's past. Miracles, it seems, come at a high price.

Everything about this novel had me hooked. The tone is haunting, dark and bitterly cold. The characters are well-rounded, beautiful and sad. Moskowitz has constructed a story steeped in legend, magical realism and the realities of loneliness, love and pain of all kinds. It's unlike anything I've ever read before.