Destiny, Rewritten

Posted: Friday, July 12, 2013, 8:30 am

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Destiny, Rewritten

Kathryn Fitzmaurice


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Laela T

Kids, Tweens

General fiction

coming of age

In brief


If you're looking for a book that's charming and magical, look no further!

Emily is named after Emily Dickinson, but Emily's problem is that she does not like poetry. She doesn't even understand poetry. There is no way that Emily can write poetry, so how can writing poetry be her destiny? Emily wants her destiny to be writing romance novels with happy endings like Danielle Steel.

This book won me over in the first chapter when Emily and her best friend, Wavey, question why their teacher asks the boys to carry boxes and asks the girls to pour water into a beaker. They start talking about Star Wars and Princess Leia "waiting around to be rescued by Luke and Han Solo, and all she can do is wait because she's a girl." I wish I was clever enough to have conversations like Emily and Wavey have.

Fitzmaurice captures what it's like to be in middle school with a plot that is slightly predictable, but completely fun. Emily has a non-traditional family and copes with the kinds of worries many middle school students have-- friendship, first love, families and jealousies. This story captures perfectly that time in tweens' lives between being children and being adults.