Jane, the Fox, & Me

Posted: Friday, March 21, 2014, 8:34 am

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Jane, the Fox, & Me

Fanny Britt


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Laela T

Kids, Tweens

Graphic novel


In brief


What do "Jane Eyre," foxes and little girls who look like sausages have in common? Surprisingly, a lot.

Have you ever had that panicked moment when you have to go try on a bathing suit when you feel fat? You're standing there in the dressing room looking at yourself and feeling less than stellar. Hélène feels just that way. "Jane Eyre," says Hélène, "may be an orphan, homely, battered, alone and abandoned, but she is not, never has been and never will be a big fat sausage." To make matters worse, Hélène has to wear a bathing suit in front of her entire class when they all go on a field trip. YAY!

Hélène does not have a good school life. She is picked on and bullied by people who used to be her friends. The only thing that seems to get Hélène through the day is Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre has never let a nerdy girl like me down, and she doesn't let Hélène down either. In Jane, the Fox & Me, the illustrations of Jane's life and Hélène's life are heavenly. Hélène's world is all shades of gray except for a few pops of color. I could always tell what was really important to her just by looking at all the illustrations; what cannot be expressed in words is expressed through color.

"But what does the fox have to do with anything?" you might be asking. I assure you, it has nothing to do with what the fox says. Read this book to find out.