Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety

Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 8:07 am

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Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety

Daniel B. Smith


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Lisa F



In brief


A thoughtful and often hilarious must-read.

We all get anxious sometimes. Those butterflies in your stomach before public speaking or a job interview? Totally normal. Looking around when you walk to your car at night? That could save your life.

Anxiety becomes a problem, however, when you start to worry every day, obsessively, about things that could happen but probably won't. People who worry at this level most likely have an anxiety disorder.

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, more than 40 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder. Daniel Smith is one of them.

In his new book, Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety, Smith sheds light on what it's like to live so consumed with anxiety that making every day decisions, like choosing mayo or ketchup for a roast beef sandwich, can be paralyzing. He does so with disarming humor (I laughed out loud several times) and brutal honesty (I cringed a lot, too). And, as someone who gets a headache and starts to wonder about the possibility of a brain tumor, I also recognize myself in Monkey Mind.

I applaud Smith for having the courage to write about his anxiety and highly recommend this book.

Daniel Smith will be in Worthington on Thursday, January 10, 2013 as part of the library's Hear & Now author series!