Fifty Shames of Earl Grey (Fifty Shames #1)

Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2014, 8:37 am

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Fifty Shames of Earl Grey (Fifty Shames #1)

Fanny Merkin, Andrew Shaffer


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Sarah C


General fiction, Audiobook


In brief


A satisfying, laugh-out-loud parody of E. L. James' bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey series.

I love a good laugh and, boy, did this audiobook deliver! Earl Grey is a smolderingly hot billionaire who seduces (and downright stalks) the young virgin Anna Steal. Anna falls head over heels in love with Earl Grey and his incredibly long fingers, but will she be able to get past his 50 shames, which include things like enjoying the band Nickleback, shopping at Walmart on Saturdays and his love of BDSM (Bards, Dragons, Sorcery and Magick)?

I have not yet read the Fifty Shades of Grey series, but I am a huge fan of parodies so I decided to give this a try and I am so, so glad I did. It is both ridiculously hysterical and totally random. It reads like a mash-up of Scary Movie, Naked Gun, Twilight and the Fifty Shades books. The humor comes from the fact that it pokes fun at everyone and everything in such an over-the-top way that it is side-splittingly AWESOME! I laughed until I cried throughout the entire book, so much so, that people would regularly ask me what I was reading. Honestly, I did feel a teensy bit sheepish about fessing up, and reading this in public was a tad embarrassing, but overall the humor was well worth it. The narrator of the audio version was fantastic from her delivery to the exaggerated voices she gave to each character. I've encouraged all my library friends to give it a listen, and I cannot wait for the next one to be produced on audio.

If you like a good parody, I highly recommend giving this a try. It can be a bit vulgar, but it is a parody and that's what makes it funny. Seriously worth the listen!