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Posted: Friday, July 27, 2012, 9:50 am

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Seating Arrangements

Maggie Shipstead


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Sarah C


General fiction

In brief


What you think will be a sweet story about a family wedding quickly turns into a string of complicated, tense and darkly comical mishaps.

In search of a light, well-written and meaty read to take to the beach that isn't all fluff? Look no further! Winn Van Meter is about to marry off his oldest daughter but instead of feeling joyful, he's dreading the whole shebang. The wedding (and wedding party) has completely taken over Winn's life as well as his vacation home on Waskeke Island.

The wedding is completely peripheral to the adultery, one-night stands, unplanned pregnancies and other interesting situations the characters find themselves in during one dysfunctional weekend.

I was surprised that the book was written mostly from the father of the bride's perspective, but that did not detract from the story. In fact, it gave it a unique twist. This book would make a great movie. I felt like I was at a beach house with drink in hand while reading.

Shipstead has an outstanding ability to create a setting and write believable, true-to-life characters. The dialogue was excellent, and I really felt like I knew each character and could hear their voices in my head. This is a great debut and I cannot wait to see what Shipstead comes out with next.