November 8, 2020

12:00am - 11:59pm

Our environment greatly affects our health. For generations, the impact of pollution and environmental damage has largely fallen on marginalized communities. Systemically racist policies have resulted in people of color having an increased likelihood of exposure to unsafe drinking water, lead paint in homes and industrial waste. Today we are looking at the environmental justice movement and the people of color pushing for change.


OPTION 1: Watch this video about how systemic racism means African Americans face disproportionate rates of lead poisoning, asthma and environmental harm.

OPTION 2: Read about the climate crisis’ disproportionate impacts on Indigenous communities, and how Indigenous people have been at the forefront of the fight against the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and other environmental injustices.

OPTION 3: Watch this interview with scientist and philosopher Vandana Shiva where she links environmental activism to social justice and how that intersection can help us find common humanity.

OPTION 4: Listen to the podcast about the history of toxic waste sites in Cleveland and how environmental burdens unequally impact communities of color.

The Racial Justice and Social Equity series is hosted by Worthington Libraries and the City of Worthington Community Relations Commission. The work of the YWCA of Greater Cleveland, which developed the series' daily challenges, is gratefully acknowledged.

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