The Tale of Dr. Morrow

Posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2007, 9:41 am

(Length: 9 min, 50 sec)

Join us for the Worthington Ghost Tours, a walk through historic Worthington, OH, featuring local history and tales of the town's dark side. Hear the controversial story of Dr. Thomas Morrow, president of Worthington Medical College, accused of the ghoulish crime of grave robbing.

Dr. Thomas Morrow was president of the nationally renowned Worthington Medical College, recognized as one of the preeminent institutions of medical learning in the Midwest in the 1830s. In 1839, the College fell prey to some wild rumors of grave robbing. Some of the locals claimed that the College paid thieves to rob the graves of paupers in Delaware to procure cadavers needed for medical study. In the fall of 1839, a Marietta woman's body went missing from the Columbus Insane Asylum, and her family member accused the College of stealing it. Within two weeks, the townspeople adopted resolutions to close the medical school and to remove the students from classes. After Morrow refused, an angry mob forced its way into the College one night and destroyed his private residence.

Stefan Langer, Webmaster at Worthington Libraries, tells Dr. Morrow's controversial story.

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