The Tale of the Rap, Rap, Rap

Posted: Sunday, October 28, 2007, 6:42 pm

(Length: 5 min, 26 sec)

Join us for the Worthington Ghost Tours, a walk through historic Worthington, OH, featuring local history and tales of the town's dark side. Learn the haunted past of Worthington's Fine Lines stationary store and the mysterious knocking that employees still hear coming from the store's back room.

The building that houses the Fine Lines stationary store was built in 1890. When it was first built, the store was owned by a man named Frank Bishop. He was the postmaster for Worthington, the person in charge of the town's post office. He and a man named Worthington Columbus Lewis ran a department store on the property. In 1928, this building became a hardware store. They did a thriving business and delivered to the farmers in the countryside all around by horseback. At the time the store was in business there was a customer named Irwin who was very unhappy with the seed that he bought for his garden. He claimed that the seed did not grow. Irwin became angry and began to rap on the store's back door very, very hard.

Laurel Tacoma, Library Associate at Worthington Libraries, tells the story of Irwin's past and the mysterious knocking that employees at Fine Lines still hear coming from the store's back room.

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