30 Years of Star Wars

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 12:17 pm

(Total length: 26 min, 27 sec | 3-part series)

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the release of Star Wars, explore Kirk and Susan Pendleton's extensive collection of Star Wars toys and memorabilia.

In 1977, Star Wars Episode I was the first movie Kirk, at the age of 5, saw in a movie theater and he's been hooked ever since. Since meeting Kirk, his wife Susan has also become an avid Star Wars collector.

The Pendletons' collection includes dozens of original collectibles from the 1970's and other rare and limited editions items, such as:

  • Original Chewbacca figurine with non-movable head and neck
  • Original scale model of the Milennium Falcon
  • Autographed photos of Star Wars cast and crew, including Carrie Fisher as Slave Leia
  • A rare patch for "Revenge of the Jedi," the early title of Episode VI
  • A special edition "Holiday Darth Vader" in red
  • 25th Anniversary silver action figures, including R2-D2

Check out dozens of collectibles and learn some ins and outs of collecting, including where to find rare collectibles and how to keep your collection from taking over.

Although Kirk finds it hard to explain his love for Star Wars, Susan believes:

[Star Wars] gave him hope and vision . . . I think he's very much like George Lucas . . . the way that he thinks and things that he dreams about . . . Seeing all those really cool things he could do with little models, a running camera, and fireworks really inspired him . . . It's almost like being in Cub Scouts or being a part of something that's so huge. You just love it.

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