Ohio Statehouse Library of the Year Resolution

Posted: Tuesday, July 3, 2007, 9:04 am

(Length: 5 min, 45 sec)

The Ohio House of Representatives began their June 27, 2007 session with several presentations, including one honoring the Worthington Libraries for receiving the 2007 Library of the Year award.

First, members of the Worthington Libraries staff gathered on the House Chamber floor. Then Speaker of the House Jon Husted invited Representative Kevin Bacon and Representative Jim Hughes to come forward.

"As members of the Ohio House, we represent 90 districts across the state," Representative Bacon began. "One commonality we all share is the important role our libraries play in our community." He continued:

For more than 200 years, the Worthington community's dedication to the pursuit of lifelong learning has never waned. As evidence of this fact, one only has to look to the well-supported, award-winning library system in Worthington.

Later, on behalf of the General Assembly, he gave Library Director / Clerk-Treasurer Meribah Mansfield a framed copy of the House resolution honoring the Worthington Libraries for its achievement and then passed the microphone on to her. She thanked the General Assembly for this tribute and asked them to join her in applauding the library staff "for all they do for the patrons of our library." Each Representative also received a copy of the June 15, 2007 issue of Library Journal, featuring a cover story about Worthington Libraries, as well as an information sheet about the award. "We're celebrating with the Worthington community, which is very excited that the library they love so much received this award."

Library Board President Martin D. Jenkins then addressed the House and concluded the presentation:

This is a celebration of Ohio as well as Worthington Public Libraries. And that part of the celebration is totally yours for the support you've given the libraries over the years. We encourage you to continue it and you'll receive our continued appreciation.

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