Here's a Ball (Traditional)

Posted: Monday, January 14, 2008, 9:16 am

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Have a ball (actually three!) while helping your child with both counting skills and early literacy skills.

Here's a ball
Form circle with two hands.
And here's a ball
Move hands apart to make bigger circle.
And a great big ball I see.
Form a large circle with arms
Shall we count them?
Are you ready?
One, two, three!
Repeat the shapes.

Help your child be ready to read by practicing early literacy skills. Knowing what words mean will help children when it is time for them to learn to read.

You can help by:

  • Books often have words that we don't use in everyday conversation. By reading books to your children, you're exposing them to new words they might otherwise not hear.

Activities for Babies:

  • This rhyme shows three different size balls or circles. As you play with your baby, find toys that are different sizes and use words to describe them (big, bigger, biggest; small, medium, large; red, blue, green; soft, hard, smooth; etc).

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