Misguiding myself

Posted: Monday, February 16, 2009, 9:22 am

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Presenting the winners of the 2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition. Katherine Lipetz, the third place winner for high school poetry, reads "Misguiding Myself."

If you pulled the knife out
And let me bleed
Would that be showing me mercy?

Some would say
I'm at fault
Some wouldn't care

Fascist tapestry
Weaved just for me
Here to keep me warm

As the blood fills the water
Hard to see what it used to be
Always foolish little me

My trust slipping out from under me
Falling into the black abyss
I become suspicious

Losing everything I love
Because I have to feel this way
Can't find what I'm looking for

I wish I could go back
To before all this happened
When life was perfect, when I was happy

Fading light
End of the night
Best and worst way to approach my life

Katherine Lipetz
3rd Place, High School Poetry
2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition

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