The Mountain

Posted: Monday, February 23, 2009, 9:19 am

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Presenting the winners of the 2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition. Sam Trapp, the third place winner for middle school poetry, reads "The Mountain."

Wind rustling your hair
A few shaggy evergreens looming over you
Your head in the clouds
Your feet trudging, ever onwards through the dewy morning grass
The thin air grasping and pulling at your lungs, trying to steal your breath away
A solitary eagle floats lazily upward on warm drafts
Frost tickling your feet and fingers
You take many breaks to examine the scenery
You are getting close, you feel it
Step by step
A think blanket of snow is forming at your feet
You must keep going
You reach the peak
The view takes your breath away
You see for miles and miles
The sun is barely visible on the horizon
You see a small building
A nice little home
Your home
You see your family outside enjoying the snow
You wave and call their names
You wait…and call again
Then they look and wave back
You feel a rush of warmth inside
The wind has died down
The eagle now flies into the scarlet sunset
As the last few hours of day melt away
You start your journey back down the mountain

Sam Trapp
3rd Place, Middle School Poetry
2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition

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