Shan Gri La

Posted: Monday, February 2, 2009, 9:46 am

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Presenting the winners of the 2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition. Ryan Mitchell, the second place winner for middle school poetry, reads "Shan Gri La."

Glistening snow
On jet black crag,
Swirling mist on peaks so tall
And thrashing silver wind,
Majestic beauty on,
Barren plain
Kissed by spiraling, dancing crystals.

Nestled inside the harsh, tall mountains
Lies a hidden kingdom,
Golden stupas and orange robed monks
Silently wander through incensed shrines
A landscape of paradise
So fertile and green a dream of sacred ruins and shrines.

Ryan Mitchell
2nd Place, Middle School Poetry
2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition

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