War is Like Smoking

Posted: Monday, February 16, 2009, 9:24 am

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Presenting the winners of the 2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition. Katherine Lipetz, the third place winner for high school poetry, reads "War is Like Smoking."

War is like smoking
Increasing your heart rate
Speeding up your nerves

War is like smoking
It makes your senses numb
It makes you reek of unpleasant odor

War is like smoking
It seems like a good idea when you start
But all too late you realize you made a mistake

War is like smoking
A disgusting pollutant
Killing this beautiful world

War is like smoking
Killing your friends
Hurting your family

War is like smoking
When you go off to do it
It's a ripple effect all your loved ones' loved ones feel

War is like smoking
One drag and the whole world tastes it
One exhale and the whole world smells it

War is like smoking
The best way to stop
Is never to start

Katherine Lipetz
3rd Place, High School Poetry
2008 Worthington Libraries Teen Poetry and Short Story Competition

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