Big-Fun Books for Babies & Toddlers

  • Benton, Jim. Piggy Paints. 2015.

    Piggy wakes up in the morning with the plan to paint all day - and he paints all kinds of things, including frogs, kitties and polka-dot pigs.

  • Boynton, Sandra. Dinosaur Dance! 2016.

    Watch different dinosaurs get their groove on in this board book about dancing.

  • Collins, Ross. There's a Bear on My Chair. 2016.

    Rhyming text tells the story of a tiny mouse that loses his favorite chair to a polar bear who will not budge.

  • Daywalt, Drew. The Crayons' Book of Colors. 2016.

    The crayons each want to color something different for Duncan's birthday, but it's when they work together that they make something truly wonderful.

  • Dean, Kim. Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues. 2015.

    When Pete is ready to go to sleep, but his friends aren't, it's up to him to read a bedtime story to calm them down.

  • Dempsey, Kristy. Ten Little Fingers, Two Small Hands. 2016.

    Rhyming text shows what children can do with their hands and fingers. Little readers can demonstrate actions like pinching, squishing and clapping.

  • Fogliano, Julie. Old Dog Baby Baby. 2016.

    Illustrator Chris Raschka's signature watercolors complement this story, which follows a typical day between two pals: baby and dog.

  • Godwin, Laura. Owl Sees Owl. 2016.

    Baby owl hops out of his tree for an adventure one night but, after being startled by his reflection in a pond, he flies toward home.

  • Harrington, Tim. Nose to Toes, You Are Yummy! 2015.

    This interactive picture book encourages readers to sing and dance while celebrating every body part.

  • Heras, Theo. Hat On, Hat Off. 2016.

    Baby is getting ready to play outside in the cold! Readers can mime the actions of putting on items of clothing.

  • Hopgood, Tim. Walter's Wonderful Web. 2016.

    Walter the spider is having a difficult time making a web that won't get blown away in this book designed to teach shapes.

  • Kitamura, Satoshi. My Hand. 2015.

    Using the simple illustrations of a hand and a pet cat, this story describes the different basic actions that hands can perform.

  • Laden, Nina. Peek-a-Choo Choo! 2016.

    As it plays peek-a-boo with baby, this board book uses cutouts to hint at the answer on the next page, and inserts different rhyming words to the game.

  • Litton, Jonathan. One, Two, Baa, Moo: A Pop-Up Book of Counting. 2015.

    Learn to count from 1 to 5 with simple pop-ups! Engaging rhymes and adorable illustrations provide an interactive reading experience.

  • Murphy, Mary. Crocopotamus: Mix and Match the Wild Animals! 2016.

    What do you call a cross between a tiger and a zebra? How about an elephant and a hippopotamus? Find out as you flip the pages and create incredible critters!

  • O'Leary, Sara. You Are Two. 2016.

    This book describes all the new and wonderful things the listener can do, now that he or she is two.

  • Penfold, Alexandra. Eat, Sleep, Poop. 2016.

    Penfold uses a first-person narrative to describe Baby's rigorous and humorous schedule of eating, sleeping, pooping and all the other important baby things in-between.

  • Rylant, Cynthia. Little Penguins. 2016.

    When five little penguins sense winter is in the air, they can't wait to get dressed up to play outside—well, most of them, that is.

  • Wells, Rosemary. Hand in Hand. 2016.

    Rhyming text and colorful pictures show mommy and baby bunny experiencing different activities for the first time.

  • Wilson, Karma. Big Bear, Small Mouse. 2016.

    Get ready for an adventure through an opposites-filled forest with your guides, a big bear and a small mouse!

  • Yolen, Jane. How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep? 2016.

    Dinosaurs demonstrate different bedtime manners, both bad and good, to help kids learn what they should do when it's time to sleep.

revised December 2016