Terrific Books for Third & Fourth Graders

New Titles

  • Funke, Cornelia. The Pirate Pig. 2015.
    When Sam and Pip open up a floating barrel, they discover a treasure-sniffing pig inside. Unfortunately, the pirate Barracuda Bill has discovered that fact as well and plots to snatch her. (Read a staff review of this title!) [Lexile: 720]
  • Key, Watt. Terror at Bottle Creek. 2016.
    Cort has lived all of his 13 years in the Alabama swamp, but when he's separated from his dad during a hurricane, will his survival skills be enough to save his best friend and himself? [Lexile: 650]
  • Lord, Cynthia. A Handful of Stars. 2015. [also available on audio]
    When Lily's new friend Salma tries to enter the annual town pageant, Lily realizes their neighbors may hide more prejudice than she realized. [Lexile: 690]
  • Nannestad, Katrina. When Mischief Came to Town. 2016.
    When Inge goes to live with her strict grandmother in a quiet village, she quickly realizes what's missing and begins bringing mischief, laughter and happiness back to the sleepy island. [Lexile: 930]
  • Tarshis, Lauren. I Survived the Hindenburg Disaster, 1937. 2016.
    Flying on the famous Hindenburg airship is a dream come true for Hugo until, when the ship attempts to land, it explodes and the flames separate him from his family. [Lexile: 700]
  • Vernon, Ursula. Harriet the Invincible. 2015.
    Never a conventional princess, Harriet the hamster becomes an adventurer after learning she is cursed to fall into a deep sleep on her 12th birthday. After two years of slaying ogres, cliff-diving and more, things go awry at home and she must seek a prince to set things right. [Lexile: 810]
  • Yardi, Robin. The Midnight War of Mateo Martinez. 2016.
    No one believes Mateo Martinez saw two skunks steal a trike from his garage, but when other odd things start happening in the neighborhood, Mateo is blamed. Can he restore his honor?

Graphic Novels

  • Holm, Jennifer L. Sunny Side Up. 2015. [also available on audio]
    After a traumatic event, Sunny is forced to spend summer at her grandpa's retirement home in Florida. When she meets a boy named Buzz, she realizes that maybe summer isn't a bust. [Lexile: 240]
  • Winick, Judd. Hilo. Book 1, The Boy Who Crashed to Earth. 2015.
    Hilo crashes to Earth with no clothes and a bad case of amnesia. When he realizes an Obliteratron followed him to the planet, it'll take more than just his robot skills to save the day. [Lexile: 220]

Classics and Modern Classics

  • Blume, Judy. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. 1972. [also available on audio]
    Peter's younger brother, Fudge, gets all the attention for being cute, but whenever Fudge throws a tantrum or causes a problem (which is often), it's Peter's responsibility to deal with it. [Lexile: 470]
  • Clements, Andrew. Frindle. 1996. [also available on audio]
    Class clown Nick decides to have a little fun by renaming all pens "frindles." To his teacher's dismay, the new word spreads all over school and then all over town, causing a huge uproar. [Lexile: 830]
  • Dahl, Roald. The BFG. 1984. [also available on audio]
    When Sophie is taken from her orphanage by a Big Friendly Giant, they come up with a plan to save the world from the nine other unfriendly, man-eating giants. [Lexile: 720]
  • Selznick, Brian. The Invention of Hugo Cabret. 2007. [also available on audio]
    Hugo, an orphan, lives in a train station where he repairs clocks and spends his time working on his father's robot. When a shopkeeper steals his notebook, he must scheme with the man's daughter to get it back, and finally discover his father's secret. [Lexile: 820]
  • White, E.B. Charlotte's Web. 1952. [also available on audio]
    A clever spider named Charlotte comes up with a plan to keep her friend, Wilbur the pig, from becoming the farmer's dinner. [Lexile: 680]


  • Elizabeth Started All the Trouble by Doreen Rappaport. 2016. [J 324.623 RAP]
    In the mid-19th century, Elizabeth Cady Stanton couldn't do many things simply because she was a woman. Her passion for equality sparked the women's rights movement in the U.S. and, 75 years later, helped grant women the right to vote. [Lexile: 790]
  • Pink is for Blobfish: Discovering the World's Perfectly Pink Animals by Jess Keating. 2016. [J 591.472 KEA]
    An introductory look at some of the weirdest, pinkest creatures in the animal world.
  • This Bridge Will Not Be Gray by Dave Eggers. 2015. [J 624.23 EGG]
    The world's most famous bridge, the Golden Gate in San Francisco, is also the world's only bright orange bridge, but how did it get that way? Find out in this true story. [Lexile: 700]

revised May 2016