Northwest Library Poetry Path

Welcome to the Northwest Library Poetry Path!

What is it?

Northwest Library Poetry Path welcome signThe Northwest Library Poetry Path is an outdoor learning environment featuring the work of six American poets on permanent display. The poets include Brod Bagert, David Baker, Maggie Smith, David Romtvedt, Karen Weyant and James Wright. Poems were selected for their quality, broad appeal and subject matter. They highlight our relationship with the natural world and invite reflection and contemplation in a beautiful outdoor space.

Northwest Library Poetry Path in bloomFully accessible to persons with disabilities, the poetry path features a variety of native Ohio plants, gravel pathways, a dry creekbed with local pebbles and boulders, a bird habitat area and safe "pondless" water features. Several plant beds also absorb stormwater runoff, which reduces flooding of the area following heavy rainfall.

Why did we create it?

Northwest Library Poetry Path Blessing poem by James WrightThe poetry path and garden meets a community need for outdoor learning and recreational spaces. It also supports the library's core values of innovation and fun. By expanding the Library to an outdoor space, we enrich the ways people learn and discover. The poems, water features, plants and programs planned in the space provide additional opportunities to surprise and delight library visitors.

What can you do in it?

Northwest Library Poetry Path monarch butterfly on flowerYou're welcome to walk the path anytime to read, play and relax. Go on a scavenger hunt. Check out what's blooming or watch the bees, birds and butterflies.

For a schedule of programs that highlight science, nature, the arts and more, visit our calendar.

revised August 2015