Story Garden

Entrance to the Story GardenThe Story Garden at Northwest Library features characters from classic children's literature, such as Cinderella, Corduroy and Humpty Dumpty. Northwest Library has the added feature of the Three Bears Cottage, where children and parents can find a chair that's just right for reading.

Picture books

  • Very Hungry CaterpillarCarle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 1987.
    A hungry little caterpillar eats his way through a weeklong feast on his way to becoming a beautiful butterfly.
  • Strega NonaDe Paola, Tomie. Strega Nona. 1987.
    Big Anthony is left to watch Strega Nona's magic pasta pot. He lets his hunger overcome his good sense and sings the magic verse with disastrous results.
  • CorduroyFreeman, Don. Corduroy. 1968.
    When a department store closes at night, a teddy bear comes alive and has an adventure.
  • Peter's ChairKeats, Ezra Jack. Peter's Chair. 1998.
    In this classic picture book originally published in 1967, Peter's parents want to paint all his old furniture pink for the new baby. When they decide to paint his favorite chair, Peter runs away!
  • Miss Spider's Tea PartyKirk, David. Miss Spider's Tea Party. 1994.
    The first of David Kirk's books about the loveable Miss Spider who eats flowers, not bugs, and drinks tea.
  • Jemima Puddle-DuckPotter, Beatrix. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck. 2002.
    In order to hatch her eggs, Jemima enlists the help of a gentleman who looks suspiciously like a fox. First published in 1908.
  • Peter RabbitPotter, Beatrix. The Tale of Peter Rabbit. 2002.
    Originally published in 1902, this classic story tells the tale of a curious little rabbit who nearly gets caught in Mr. McGregor's garden. Also featured in the Story Garden are Peter’s mother and three siblings (Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail).
  • Jack and the BeanstalkJack and the Beanstalk
    Jack climbs the great beanstalk that grows from the bean he bought and confronts a giant at the top. Enjoy the classic fairy tale, retold and illustrated by Paul Galdone in 1974.
  • Three Little PigsThe Three Little Pigs
    Three little pigs set out to seek their fortune. When a hungry wolf huffs and puffs and blows in the houses of two little pigs, the third realizes that he needs more than a sturdy house of bricks to drive the wolf away. Enjoy the classic fairy tale, retold and illustrated by Paul Galdone in 1970.


  • Frog and ToadLobel, Arnold. Frog and Toad. 1972.
    Join best friends Frog and Toad on their many funny adventures.
  • Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy. Amelia Bedelia. 1985.
    New maid Amelia Bedelia takes all instructions literally, leading her into one hilarious mishap after another. Based on the illustrations by Lynn Sweat.

Juvenile fiction

  • Velveteen RabbitBianco, Margery. The Velveteen Rabbit. 1983. (OUT OF PRINT)
    A stuffed rabbit comes to life in this heartwarming tale of the transformative power of love. Written by Margery Williams Bianco with illustrations by Michael Hague. (Find other versions of The Velveteen Rabbit.)
  • Alice in WonderlandCarroll, Lewis. Alice in Wonderland. 1992.
    While chasing a strange white rabbit, Alice falls into a world of odd characters and exciting adventures. Based on the illustrations by John Tenniel.
  • Henry and RibsyCleary, Beverly. Henry and Ribsy. 2007.
    If Henry makes sure that his dog Ribsy behaves, Mr. Huggins promises to take him fishing. Ribsy can't get into trouble if Henry watches Ribsy every minute... or can he? Based on the illustrations by Louis Darling; first published in 1954.
  • DespereauxDiCamillo, Kate. The Tale of Despereaux. 2003.
    Despereaux is a small mouse with a large destiny. Based on the illustrations by Timothy Basil Ering.
  • Homer PriceMcCloskey, Robert. Homer Price. 1971.
    Doughnuts out of Control! Robbers on the Loose! Small-town boy Homer Price saves the day in these and other funny adventures. Based on the story and illustrations by Robert McCloskey.
  • Winnie the PoohMilne, A. A. Winnie-the-Pooh. 2006.
    The classic story of Christopher Robin's favorite bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, and his adventures with friends, including Kanga and Roo. Based on the illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard; first published in 1926.
  • ThumbelinaRiordan, James. Thumbelina. 1991. (OUT OF PRINT)
    Tiny Thumbelina is kidnapped by a toad and nearly freezes in winter's cold. But after nursing a wounded sparrow back to health, she escapes to a land where grass blades are like a forest, butterflies can pull boats, and summer never ends. Based on the illustrations by Wayne Anderson of the story by Hans Christian Andersen. (Find other versions of Thumbelina.)
  • Charlotte's WebWhite, E. B. Charlotte's Web. 1980.
    A lovable pig named Wilbur is saved by his friendship with a wise and caring spider named Charlotte. Based on the illustrations by Garth Williams in the book by E.B. White.


  • Humpty DumptyThe Arnold Lobel book of Mother Goose illustrated by Arnold Lobel. 1997. [J 398.8 MOT]
    Originally published in 1986 as The Random House Book of Mother Goose, this treasury of Mother Goose rhymes features Humpty Dumpty who greets visitors to the Story Garden at its entrance.
  • CinderellaCinderella retold by Amy Ehrlich and illustrated by Susan Jeffers. 2004. [J 398.2 HER]
    The story of a poor girl's transformation into a princess retold by Amy Ehrlich and illustrated by Susan Jeffers. Penguin, 1985.
  • Gingerbread ManThe Gingerbread Man retold by Jim Ayelsworth and illustrated by Barbara McClintock. 1998. [J 398.2 AYL]
    An excellent rendition of the familiar tale with words by Jim Aylesworth and illustrations by Barbara McClintock. Scholastic, 1998.
  • GoldilocksGoldilocks and the Three Bears retold by Jim Ayelsworth and illustrated by Barbara McClintock. 2003. [J 398.2 AYL]
    An exciting rendition of the folk fairytale that finds a little girl searching for things that are just right in the home of three bears.
  • Fairy Godmother looks on as Cinderella rides off in her carriageHilary Knight's Cinderella by Hilary Knight. 2001. [J 398.2 KNI]
    A retelling of the classic tale with gorgeous illustrations.
  • John HenryJohn Henry by Julius Lester and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney. 1994. [J 398.22 LE]
    From the day he was born, it was clear that John Henry was something special. What other baby could lift his cradle into the air like a feather? This story relates the legendary race between a machine and a man who wouldn't give up.
  • Peach BoyPeach Boy by Gail Sakurai. 1993. [J 398.21 SAK] (OUT OF PRINT)
    In this well-loved Japanese folk tale, a boy hatched from a peach joins forces with a monkey, a dog, and a bird to save his village from evil ogres. Based on illustrations by Makiko Nagano and Jeffrey Smith from the traditional folk tale. (Find other versions of Peach Boy.)
  • RapunzelRapunzel by Barbara Rogasky and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman. 1982. [J 398.21 ROG]
    Rapunzel is trapped in a high tower by a wicked witch. Based on the illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman in the book by Barbara Rogasky.

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