Bookingham Forest

Bookingham Forest entryBookingham Forest is the fanciful name of the children's department at Old Worthington Library. Designed to evoke the enchanted forest found in so many nursery rhymes and children's picture books, Bookingham Forest features characters from such classic children's books as The House at Pooh Corner and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, to new favorites like Hunter's Best Friend. Just follow the paw-print path to see them all!

Picture books

  • It's the BearAlborough, Jez. It's the Bear! 1995. (OUT OF PRINT)
    When Eddie and his Mom go on a picnic, they are interrupted by a very big bear! (Find Bear in his other adventures.)
  • ArthurBrown, Marc. Arthur's Thanksgiving. 1983.
    Everyone loves Arthur... or they will! Become good friends with this likeable aardvark, his family and friends as you read and enjoy all of their many adventures!
  • Goodnight MoonBrown, Margaret Wise. Goodnight Moon. 2005.
    Say goodnight with the little bunny to each object in "the great green room." Based on the illustrations of Clement Hurd found in the classic story by Margaret Wise Brown, originally published in 1947.
  • The Very Lonely FireflyCarle, Eric. The Very Lonely Firefly. 1995.
    A lonely firefly goes out into the night searching for other fireflies. Based on the story and illustrations by Eric Carle.
  • The Very Quiet CricketCarle, Eric. The Very Quiet Cricket. 1990.
    A very quiet cricket meets a very special friend and together they make some very beautiful music! Based on the story and illustrations by Eric Carle.
  • The Knight and the DragonDePaola, Tomie. The Knight and the Dragon. 1980.
    Sir Knight and B. Dragon leave their armor behind and become business partners at the S & K Barbecue!
  • Hunter's Best FriendElliott, Laura. Hunter's Best Friend. 2002.
    Hunter and Stripe are best friends and love doing everything together, like dress in striped sweaters, read the same stories, and even eat the same lunch! Based on the story by Laura Elliott and illustrations by Lynn Munsinger.
  • Where's Spot?Hill, Eric. Where's Spot? 1980.
    Spot loves playing hide-and-go-seek, whether he's hiding or seeking!
  • Good-Night, Owl!Hutchins, Pat. Good-Night, Owl! 1998.
    Owl tries to sleep amidst a treeful of his noisy woodland friends! Based on the story and illustrations by Pat Hutchins, originally published in 1972.
  • PinkertonKellogg, Steven. Tallyho, Pinkerton! 1982. (OUT OF PRINT)
    Leave it to Pinkerton to leap into mischief! (Find Pinkerton in his other adventures.)
  • FrederickLionni, Leo. Frederick. 1995.
    Frederick is a poet-mouse who always knows how to cheer up his friends! Based on the story and illustrations by Leo Lionni. Alfred A. Knopf, 1995.
  • Red Riding HoodMarshall, James. Red Riding Hood. 1995.
    A girl named Red Riding Hood takes a walk through the woods to visit her grandmother.
  • Whinnie the Lovesick DragonMayer, Mercer. Whinnie the Lovesick Dragon. 1986. (OUT OF PRINT)
    Whinnie the dragon falls tail over scales in love with... Oh no! Alfred the Knight! (Find copies of Whinnie the Lovesick Dragon at other libraries in our consortium.)
  • Flosse and the FoxMcKissack, Patricia. Flossie and the Fox. 1986.
    Miss Flossie Finley outfoxes the fox as he tries without success to convince her of his identity! Based on the illustrations of Rachel Isadora.
  • Ten Red ApplesMiller, Virginia. Ten Red Apples. 2002. (OUT OF PRINT)
    Bartholomew Bear goes on many adventures and loves "hanging around" with his family and friends! (Find copies of Ten Red Apples at other libraries in our consortium.)
  • Blueberries for the QueenPaterson, John. Blueberries for the Queen. 2004.
    William dreams of being a knight. His dream comes true when he gets a chance to take some blueberries to the queen! Based on the illustrations by Susan Jeffers.
  • ThundercakePolacco, Patricia. Thundercake. 1990.
    As thunderclouds approach, a little girl and her grandmother gather ingredients for thunder cake and learn about being brave along the way.
  • Benjamin BunnyPotter, Beatrix. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. 2001.
    Benjamin Bunny loves Mr. McGregor's garden just as much as his cousin Peter! Based on the story and illustrations by Beatrix Potter.
  • True Story of the Three Little PigsScieszka, Jon. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. 1989.
    Alexander Wolf and his allergies have been wrongly framed in the story of the three little pigs. Based on the illustrations by Lane Smith. Viking Kestrel, 1989.
  • SylvesterSteig, William. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. 1980.
    A young donkey named Sylvester finds a magic pebble and learns a valuable lesson about wishing.
  • Max and RubyWells, Rosemary. Max and Ruby's First Greek Myth: Pandora's Box. 1993. (OUT OF PRINT)
    Ruby tries to stop her younger brother Max from sneaking into her room and snooping by reading him an altered version of "Pandora's Box." Based on the story and illustrations by Rosemary Wells. (Find copies of Max and Ruby's First Greek Myth: Pandora's Box at other libraries in our consortium.)

Juvenile fiction

  • Wind in the WillowsGrahame, Kenneth. Wind in the Willows. 2008.
    Join Rat, Badger, Toad and Mole for some fabulous adventures across the English countryside. Based on the illustrations by Michael Hague, first published in 1980.
  • Matthias from RedwallJacques, Brian. Redwall. 1986.
    Matthias and fellow Redwallers are led by the spirit of Martin the Warrior in their battle against Cluny the Scourge and his evil horde. Based on the illustrations by Gary Chalk.
  • Tigger from House at Pooh CornerMilne, A. A. The House at Pooh Corner. 1956.
    Tigger loves bouncing so much, he bounced into our tree! Based on the story and illustrations by A. A. Milne, first published in 1928.
  • Searching for DragonsWrede, Patricia. Searching for Dragons. 1991.
    Princess Cimorene joins forces with King Mendenbar to rescue Kazul, king of the dragons, and save the Enchanted Forest. Based on illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman.

Graphic novels

  • OwlyRunton, Andy. Owly. 2004.
    Even though owls and worms usually don't get along, Owly and Worm discover the meaning of true friendship.


  • The Crane WifeThe Crane Wife by Sumiko Yagawa. 1998. [J 398.21 YAG] (OUT OF PRINT)
    In this well-loved Japanese folk tale, a poor man's kindness to an injured crane leads him to a beautiful wife with amazing talents. Based on the illustrations by Suekichi Akaba. (Find other versions of The Crane Wife.)
  • King ArthurKing Arthur: The Sword in the Stone by Hudson Talbott. 1991. [J 398.2 TAL] (OUT OF PRINT)
    Young Arthur, future King of England, is the only one able to pull the sword from the stone! (Find other versions of King Arthur: The Sword in the Stone.)

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