E-books and digital media

What file format works with my device? Why can't I find the title I'm looking for?

If trying to download a book to your e-reader or music to your iPod has you frustrated and confused, you're not alone, the process can be frustrating and confusing!

Compatibility issues are often the source of the confusion as there is currently no universal method of distributing and delivering audio and e-book, video and music files. What works with one device may not work with yours, unfortunately, and new developments in technology mean the rules can change at any time!

But Worthington Libraries is here to help.

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Download e-books & digital media
Whether you're looking to load up your e-book reader or need audiobooks for your iPod, we've got you covered.

Using Digital Downloads by Overdrive? Step by step instructions mean you get exactly the assistance you need whether you want to listen to audio books or music, watch videos or read e-books.

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Stream e-books & digital media
Stream music of all kinds and read books (including talking books for kids) right from your computer, thanks to the Library.


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Take a look at the library's selection of digital media from books (including talking books for kids) to music of all kinds.