Weekly adventures

You're in charge of your summer reading adventure!

When you complete a weekly adventure, you can submit one raffle ticket for an entry into our weekly prize drawing, and fill in one stone on your reading record!

  1. Tell a friend or family member about the Summer Reading Club. What books have you read or are you excited to read? What library programs are you planning to attend?
  2. Take a solo or family walk to your local Worthington park and find Asparagus, Winston or Ricky (see page 11 in the Official Summer Reading Club Guidebook for details).
  3. Explore your backyard or neighborhood and find something cool or beautiful.
  4. Send us a postcard while you are on vacation, or take a photo of yourself reading in an interesting place. Don't forget to submit your raffle ticket when you return!
  5. Use your imagination to build a robot, sculpture or other new object out of household items.
  6. Use one of the library's online databases to explore a topic of interest to you, or use one to stream or download a book, song or movie from one of our digital media services. Need help? Just ask library staff!
  7. Write a letter or thank-you note to someone special.
  8. Have you ever done any traveling? Add a star to our map to show us where you've been!