Wireless printing

Worthington Libraries offers wireless printing from your laptop inside all our library locations. Printing in black & white and color is available at the same prices as from our public computers.

To print wirelessly, you will need to follow five simple steps:

1. Choose your print software

Select the library where you are located and your computer's operating system to download the correct software.

Library Operating system
Old Worthington
820 High Street
Windows | Mac
2280 Hard Rd.
Windows | Mac
Worthington Park
1389 Worthington Centre Dr.
Windows | Mac

2. Install and run the print software

Follow the instructions to install and run the print software.


  1. On the first window that pops up, click the "Run" button and wait for clientlauncher.exe to download.
  2. On the second window that pops up, click the "Run" button.
  3. Wait for the "LPT:One Print Client" window to open or appear in your taskbar.


  1. Click the "OK" button to open the downloaded software.
  2. Locate the clientlauncher.zip file where you normally download files, such as the Downloads folder or your Desktop. Double-click to open the file.
  3. Double-click the "LPT One Mobile Print Client" to open the software.
  4. If a window pops asking you if you're sure you want to open to software, click the "Open" button.
  5. Look for the "LPT One Mobile Print Client" in your Dock.

3. Send your print job to the printer

  1. From the program you want to print from, choose the printer you want to print to:
    • Old Worthington or Northwest:
      • Black and White
      • Color
    • Worthington Park:
      • Black and White - HP
      • Black and White - Ricoh
      • Color
  2. Choose your printing options (page range, number of copies, etc.) and click the "Print" button.

4. Log in & review charges

  1. Log in when the "User Identification" window appears. Use your 10-digit library card number as User ID, your 4 digit PIN for User PIN and click the "OK" button. If you do not have a library card you may print as a guest. Guest users will need to create a numeric ID and PIN and remember it for use at the print release station.
  2. Review your print charges and click the "OK" button to send your print job to the printer.

5. Release your print job

Once the "Print Complete" window appears, go to any print release station to release your print job and pay for your prints. Pick up your prints from the printer and you're done!

When you're finished printing, you may close the print software. The software is not permanently installed on your computer and you can delete the downloaded file (i.e., clientlauncher.exe or clientlauncher.zip).