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Effective date

1. Personal Card

Personal cards are issued free of charge to individuals who are Ohio residents. The person, parent, or guardian for those under 18 is responsible for all use of the card, in accordance with the Worthington Libraries Borrower's Guide.

2. Institution Card

An institution card is available to any agency, company, school or organization located within Ohio. The institution card application form must be submitted with a letter from the institution’s finance director or organization treasurer indicating the agency's financial responsibility for all materials borrowed and any charges incurred on the card. The institution card is mailed to the finance director. Institution cards are billed for all services including fees.

3. Educator Card

Educator Cards are issued to certified public, private and parochial school teachers (K-12) including substitute teachers, school administrators, school librarians, school media specialists (K-12), Head Start Programs and preschool or day care instructors. The Library offers an Educator Card to assist teachers in providing materials to be used in the classroom. This card gives teachers the ability to borrow materials for classrooms without using personal library cards.

In addition to normal borrowing privileges (see Borrower's Guide), the Educator Card provides one lost item waived per school year.

The Educator Card expires every three years. Patrons must show proof of being an eligible educator. If they cannot provide proof, the card will not be renewed and will be deleted from the system.

4. Student Card

Student Cards are issued to students through the classroom in certified public, private and parochial schools. The Library offers a student card to assist students in accessing materials and resources for use in completing school work. Student Cards have limited borrowing privileges.