December 19, 2023

Welcome to Worthington Libraries!

We're glad to have you as a patron of our library system! Your library card gives you access to over four million items, including books, CDs, audiobooks and DVDs.

Loan policy

Please read this information carefully. There is no charge to borrow materials from Worthington Libraries, provided they are returned on time and in good condition. Items may be returned to any member library in the Central Library Consortium. To check out items, you must have your card number or photo ID.

It is your responsibility to:

  • Make sure your account is up to date with correct address, phone and email address.
  • Let staff know if your name changes.
  • Be financially responsible for material borrowed with this card.
  • Monitor the material your child selects and checks out.
  • Pay all charges for the loss of or damage to all materials borrowed on this card.
  • Report a lost/stolen card immediately. Note: you are solely responsible for items lost/stolen by someone using your lost/stolen card until you report your card lost/stolen.

Borrowing limits*

  • 100 print items
  • 60 audio items
  • 10 e-books and e-audiobooks
  • 20 movies
  • 5 video games

Reserve limits*

  • 60 print items
  • 60 audio items
  • 5 e-books and e-audiobooks
  • 10 movies
  • 5 video games

Borrowing periods*

Books; audiobooks; e-books; e-audiobooks 21 days
Music CDs; nonfiction movies; gear, gadgets and kits 14 days
Fiction movies; video games; magazines; pamphlets 7 days

* Limits and periods may vary for some items.

Renewing items

An item may be renewed up to 10 times for the original loan period if no one else has placed a reserve on it. Renewal limits are set by the library that owns the item. Eligible items will automatically renew prior to the due date. You can renew eligible items via My account or the mobile app; in person at the accounts desk or at a self-checkout machine; by phone by calling Worthington Libraries at 614-807-2626 or the Automated Renewal Line at 1-877-77-BOOKS (1-877-772-6657). When calling, you will need your library card number and PIN as well as the item numbers found on your checkout receipt.

Reserving items

You may reserve items online, via mobile app or by asking a staff member for assistance. When placing a reserve, select the library location where you want to pick up the item. You will be notified by phone, email or text message when your reserved item is available and how long it will be held for pickup. Reserved materials can be picked up in the reserves area of each library, at the drive-up window (at Northwest Library), via curbside pickup (at Old Worthington Library or Worthington Park Library) or in after-hour pickup lockers. You may also reserve up to three items over the phone. To check the status of reserves, go to My account on the library's website or the mobile app.

Overdue materials

  • 7 days past due
    The Library sends an overdue notice by email, phone or text.
  • 14 days past due
    The Library sends an overdue notice by email, phone or text.
  • 21 days past due
    The Library sends an overdue notice by email, phone or text. The account is blocked due to long overdue materials.
  • 35 days past due
    The replacement cost of overdue materials is charged to the account.
  • 70 days past due
    If you have more than $50 worth of materials overdue, your account may be turned over to Unique Management, Inc. (UMS), a materials recovery agency. A $12 non-refundable fee is added to your account when your account is turned over to cover the cost of the recovery service. UMS will contact you through letters and phone calls.

Fees & charges

Your card will be blocked when you have accumulated more than $10.00 in fees and charges. The fee for lost or damaged materials is the replacement cost. Money will be refunded for lost items that are found and returned within 30 days of payment. Replacement items will not be accepted in place of damaged or lost materials. Returned check charges vary.

Computer use & printing

Your library card number is needed to reserve and use library computers and to establish a patron account from which to print. You must also have a library card to check out e-books and use databases. The Library will not replace or refund value on any card. Use of computers within the Library is governed by the library's Acceptable Use of the Internet Policy and Wireless Network Access Policy.

Central Library Consortium

You can borrow and return items at any of the library locations listed here.

Worthington Libraries

Reference Center: 614-807-2626

Old Worthington Library
820 High St.
Worthington, OH 43085

Northwest Library*
2280 Hard Rd.
Columbus, OH 43235

Worthington Park Library
1389 Worthington Centre Dr.
Worthington, OH 43085

*Northwest Library is a cooperative project with Columbus Metropolitan Library and is managed by Worthington Libraries.

And all locations of:

My account

Library materials

The My account feature on the catalog allows you to access information about your library account including items checked out, reserves and fees. When you click on My account from the website homepage, you'll be prompted to enter your library card number, followed by your PIN. Once you log in, you can see items you have checked out and opt to renew them. You can also see items on reserve and postpone reserves you aren't ready to receive.

Saved title lists & borrowing history

In My account, you can choose to activate Saved Title Lists and/or Borrowing History. As you're browsing the catalog, you can save items you would like to check out to a list. The list can be accessed online, printed and/or emailed. Borrowing history stores the items you have checked out on your card. The Library never shares your personal information with third parties and will take every step to protect your privacy, but we are obligated to share title lists and borrowing history with law enforcement personnel who come to us with a court order without your knowledge or consent. You may delete saved titles and borrowing history at any time.

Account settings & preferences

You can also use My account to update your mailing address, phone number and email address and change your PIN. You may also choose whether to receive notification of reserves by phone, email or text message and can sign up to receive checkout receipts by email.

Personal cards

Personal cards are issued free of charge to any Ohio resident. Patrons under 18 may apply for a card only when accompanied by a parent or adult accepting financial responsibility as signator or, if applicant (child) is not present, an additional document in the child's name must be provided. Acceptable documents include a birth certificate, Social Security Card, insurance card, current school report card or Green Card. You (or your parent/signator for those under 18) are responsible for all use of the card, including return of borrowed materials. Parents/signators can restrict minor access to movies and other rated items. You may have only one personal library card. You may apply for a library card at any Worthington Libraries location, or use our online application form.

Educator cards

Educator cards are available to anyone who teaches in a K-12 school (includes school librarians, administrators and teaching assistants), homeschool or licensed childcare center, and lives or works in Ohio. With this card, a teacher can borrow materials for classroom use without using a personal card. Educators will not be charged for one lost or damaged item per school year. To check eligibility and learn more about the card's advantages and responsibilities, visit our Educator Card page.