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Worthington Libraries does not have adequate space in any of its facilities to coordinate ongoing exhibits of public or private art. The glass display cases in the Worthington Room are curated by the Worthington Historical Society with items from their collection. 

From time to time, the Library receives requests from individuals, schools or community groups to display art in the Library for a limited time. These requests are occasionally considered based on the following criteria: 

Exhibited works must:

  • broaden horizons by presenting a wide range of arts, collections and displays;
  • support community cultural and artistic activities, especially those of children;
  • nourish intellectual, aesthetic and creative growth;
  • reach non-traditional library patrons; and
  • not be offered for sale

In addition, the Library may occasionally apply for a touring exhibit of material or artwork appropriate for a diverse audience of all ages. 

Criteria for Selection:

All exhibits, whether generated by library staff or the public, will be considered in terms of the standards listed below. Not all exhibits will meet all standards. Responsibility for the selection of exhibits rests with the Library Director, the Deputy Director and the Director of Community Engagement.

Criteria include:

  • subject, technique and style are suitable for intended audience;
  • vitality and originality;
  • artistic expression and experimentation;
  • appropriateness to special events, anniversaries, holidays, etc.;
  • historical or regional relevance;
  • relation to other events or exhibits in the community;
  • ease of installation;
  • representation of an influential movement, genre, trend or national culture;
  • significance of the contributor;
  • attention of critics, viewers and public.

Anyone interested in having art or other items displayed at Worthington Libraries should contact the Director of Community Engagement.