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The Board encourages contributions in the form of bequests, trust funds, mutual funds, memorials, life insurance, property or cash donation, all of which are considered an important source of additional revenue and a meaningful way for patrons of the Library to support its role in the community.

Donors who wish to make a contribution to the Library will be advised to contact the Director of Community Engagement.

If an unsolicited contribution is received by the Library, contributed funds will be deposited directly into the General Fund to be used where the greatest need exists. Gifts that are expressly designated for the Building Fund will be deposited into that fund and used in a manner that the Director/CEO and Board determine appropriate, which could include investing the monies until a need arises.

Donors wishing to make a gift in the form of a memorial, a gift encouraged by the Library, should be directed to consult with the Director/CEO or Director of Community Engagement who will determine the appropriate method for receiving and acknowledging the gift.

Money donated for restricted purposes will be deposited in the General Fund and administered under the direction of the Director/CEO to best accomplish the desires of the donor.

A Ballot Issue Committee (BIC) can be established by citizens to seek and deposit funds designated for levy expenses, which by law cannot be paid for with taxpayer dollars.*

Gifts of books, property, furniture, or other materials will only be accepted if they are determined useful and appropriate for the Library. This determination will be made by the Director/CEO. Donated books that are not used by the Library will be turned over to the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries for its book sales, which directly benefit the Library.

Donors of used library materials will be given a receipt form on which they may list the number and type of items donated, if a receipt is requested. All other gifts will be acknowledged in a timely manner, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, by the Director/CEO or Director of Community Engagement.

*Note for information: A library BIC is eligible to receive a contribution from the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries equal to 10% of the total assets of the Friends each year.