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In the event of a public health crisis, including but not limited to a localized outbreak of disease or a large-scale pandemic, and as declared an emergency by local, state or federal health officials, Worthington Libraries will act swiftly to mitigate disease spread. 

Whenever possible, we will coordinate our response with partner libraries, as well as local government and the Worthington Schools. Our response could include limiting access to or closing library buildings, requiring face coverings, suspending consumption of food in the buildings, reducing or temporarily halting some or all library services and additional measures. During a closure or period of reduced in-person service, we will work with our community partners to keep the public informed and will resume normal business activities under advisement from health officials. 

During a health crisis, operations of the Library will be determined by the Director/CEO in consultation with the Worthington Libraries Board of Trustees.  

Library employees may be assigned work even if the buildings are closed to the public. This can include working in the buildings on a limited scale, if deemed safe, or from home for an extended period. Decisions on salary and benefit accrual will be made based on the library’s current financial situation and circumstances of the crisis, with the safety of patrons and staff being the first consideration. In the event of a government-mandated closure, staff can be paid in full for work hours not able to be performed due to the emergency.

If/when a health crisis is declared on a national, state or local level, this policy may supersede some portions of the Patron Code of Conduct.