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Effective date

Worthington Libraries, like other public entities in the State of Ohio, must retain certain records from year to year. The Board of Trustees of Worthington Libraries adopts the following policy for records retention:

A library records commission shall be created and consist of the members and the clerk of the board of library trustees. The president of the library board shall serve as chair of the commission. The commission must meet at least once every twelve months.

The commission shall review applications for one-time disposal of obsolete records and schedules of records retention and disposition submitted by an employee of the library. The commission may at any time review any schedule it has previously approved and for good cause shown, may revise that schedule. Items listed on the Board approved Records Retention schedule and the RC-2 approved by the Ohio Historical Society may be disposed of by following the provisions of Ohio Revised Code Section 149.411.

Records shall fall into two categories: Permanent and Non-Permanent. Records may be retained on any commercially viable media that provides an accurate reproduction of the record. The following list shows the retention period of specific records, which is compiled from recommendations from the Auditor of State's Office and the Ohio Historical Society.

In order to simplify the process and ensure that all email communication to board members is retained in accordance with the schedule below, all board members shall use an email address for all library communication.

Annual Financial Report to the Auditor of State
Annual Report to the State Library
Audit Reports from Auditor of State
Board of Trustees Minutes
Building Specifications and Plans
Historical Files
Library Statistics­ Annual Report
Payroll Records
Payroll Tax Records
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System Reports 
W­2 Forms
Non­-Permanent Retention Period
Accounting Records not specified 5 years provided audited
Accounts Payable Ledger 5 years provided audited
Administrative Policy and Procedure Files One year after superseded
Amended Official Certificates 5 years provided audited
Annual Budget Resolutions 5 years provided audited
Annual Certificate of Estimated Resources 5 years, provided audited
Applications for Employment Retain with personnel record if applicant employed; others, 1 yr from application date
Appropriation Ledgers 5 years provided audited 
Automated System Backups 1 month
Bank Deposit Receipts Until audited
Bank Statements 4 years provided audited
Bids — Successful 15 years after completion of project
Bids — Unsuccessful 4 years After Letting of Contract provided audited
Board Agenda Packets & Audio Recordings 3 years
Book Inventories Maintained online; until superseded
Budgets — Annual 10 years 
Canceled Checks 4 years provided audited 
Cash Journals 4 years provided audited
Cash Register Tapes Until audited
Certificates of Total Amount From Sources Available for Expenditures 4 years provided audited 
Check Registers 4 years provided audited 
Committee Reports One year
Contracts and Leases Twelve years after expiration 
Deduction Authorizations Until superseded or employment terminated
Deferred Compensation Deduction Reports 5 years provided audited
Depository Agreements 4 years provided audited
Employee Handbooks Until superseded 
Employee Request for Leave Forms Until audited 
Employee Schedules Fiscal year plus two years
Encumbrance and Expenditure Journal 5 years provided audited 
General Correspondence 3 years ­ included in Board agenda packet 
Gift Donor Forms ­ Gifts for the Library 3 years 
I­9 Immigration Verification Forms (retained separately from personnel files) Three years after date of hire, or one year after termination of employment, whichever is later
ILL Records 30 days, unless financial obligations
Injury/Incident Reports 5 years provided no pending act ion 
Insurance Policies/Bonds Twelve years after expiration provided all claims have been settled
Inventories, except books Until superseded 
Investment Reports 4 years provided audited
Job descriptions Until superseded 
Job postings/advertisements of job openings, promotions, training programs or opportunities for overtime work One year if no action pending 
Levy Official Files ­ Info Created by Library Life of Levy plus 5 years
Lost Books/Fine Records Once paid removed from patron history 
Personnel Files 6 years after termination of employment
Prevailing Wages Records 4 years provided audited
Purchase Orders 2 years provided audited 
Quarterly Payroll Reports for State 75 years 
Receipt Books Until audited
Receipt Journals 5 years provided audited
Public Records Requests 2 years
Records Commission/Records Disposal documents Ten years
Software Destroy when obsolete
Time Sheets 4 years provided audited 
Transient material (all informal and/or temporary messages and notes, including e­mail and voice mail messages, and all drafts used in the production of public records) Discretionary; retain until no longer of administrative value. E­mail pertaining to topics covered by this schedule will be retained as required. 
Unemployment Compensation Claims 4 years provided audited 
Vehicle Maintenance Records Until vehicle sold 
Voucher with Invoices 5 years provided audited 
W­4 Forms Until superseded
Workers' Compensation Claims 10 years after date of final payment

Until Audited and Provided Audited is defined as the Auditor of State, or other contracted auditors, have audited the fiscal years encompassed and the audit report has been duly released.