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As a term on the Library Board expires or as a vacancy occurs, the Board shall follow the "By-laws of the Worthington Public Library Board" and this "Selection of Board Members Policy.” The Board Governance Committee shall review this policy annually, recommending any changes for consideration and adoption by the Library Board.

Guidelines for Selection of Library Board members:

  • Each November, the Library Board shall submit to the Worthington City Board of Education (the “School Board”) the name of a person it recommends for appointment to the Library Board for the seven-year term beginning the following January. When a mid-term vacancy occurs, the Library Board shall submit a timely recommendation to the School Board, so that the School Board can make an appointment no later than forty-five days after such vacancy, in accordance with Section 3375.15(C) of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • The recommendations of the Library Board must conform to Section 3375.15 of the Ohio Revised Code. A majority of Library Board members must be qualified electors of the school district, but a minority may be qualified electors of the county who reside outside the school district. Current members of the School Board, and people who have served on the School Board within the past year, are not eligible to serve on the Library Board.
  • The School Board shall fill all vacancies on Library Board by appointment for the unexpired term. Library Board members shall serve for a single term of seven years and without compensation.

The Board Governance Committee will start diligently Recruiting candidates no later than September 10 of each year (or as soon as possible, in the event of a mid-term vacancy), with a goal of attracting a diverse candidate pool. Recruitment methods include, but are not limited to:

  • news releases through various media announcing the process and inviting interested people to submit applications, with forms available both electronically and at the Library;
  • solicitation of referrals from current Library Board members and staff; and
  • solicitation of referrals from a diverse range of community agencies, boards and organizations.

The recommendation of the Library Board will be based on the following Criteria:

  • Nominees should recognize the Library's importance as a welcoming place for all people. The Library is a place for information, community culture, life-long learning, fun and personal growth.
  • Nominees should have an interest in the work of the Library, a commitment to its goals, the ability to work as a team member, and a willingness to ask questions, offer criticism and make suggestions. They should also have the courage to plan creatively and independently, and to withstand pressures and prejudices.
  • A commitment to intellectual freedom is essential.
  • The Library Board should reflect the community that the Library serves. Towards that end, consideration should be given to the blending of individuals from different cultures and circumstances with varying knowledge, backgrounds, experiences and interests. Such differences include ability, age, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, geographical residency and more. Relevant experiences may include personal, community and/or professional experiences.
  • Because of the unique requirements of the Worthington Public Library for general funding and support, consideration will be given to people who are active in community affairs.
  • Nominees must be ready to devote time and effort to serving on the Library Board. This is a "working Board," requiring every member to lend their time and talents, energy and enthusiasm. Attendance generally will be required at special meetings as well as regular meetings, long-range planning workshops, etc.
  • Nominees must not have any "conflict of interest" that would prevent them serving on the Library board under the Ohio Revised Code.

The Process of Selection shall include the following steps.

The Board Governance Committee shall:

  • review the current Selection of Board Members Policy, application materials and supporting documents, and set a schedule for recruitment and nomination no later than August of each year;
  • distribute application materials and supporting documents broadly through the community;
  • review incoming applications as well as those from the previous two years to ensure consistency and to broaden the pool;
  • conduct personal interviews with the top candidates;
  • conduct criminal background checks on the finalists (allowing five business days); and
  • make a final recommendation to the Library Board;

The Board of Trustees shall:

  • deliberate on the recommendation of the Board Governance Committee
  • vote on a final candidate; and
  • send a recommendation to the School Board, giving the School Board enough time to appoint the nominee in the statutorily mandated timeframe.