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March 27, 2019


You can access great databases full of information on the library's website. These databases can be accessed at the library or at home and offer the same information found in reference books, newspapers, journals, and magazines. You can read the information and print it right from your computer! You'll need a Worthington Libraries library card to access these databases from home.

Search for a specific country or continent using one of the following databases to get information:


Make sure your information is coming from a reliable source. Here are some websites with information about different countries that our librarians recommend:


For books about a specific country, check out some of the nonfiction book series that focus on different countries and continents around the world:

Reference books

The following books cannot be checked out, but you can look through them while you are at the library and make copies of the pages you need. Library staff can help you locate these books and use the copier.


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