The Trillium Meeting Room at Northwest Library is available for use by non-profit organizations in the community. The Board of Trustees sets policy for the use of the rooms.

The meeting room is 25' x 40'. It accommodates 75 to 100 chairs set auditorium style.

Furniture and amenities

Six 6' x 3' foot tables and six 6' x 18" tables are available to be set up in a variety of configurations.

A podium and easel may also be available for use upon request.

A kitchen is connected to the meeting room and is also available to groups upon request. It is equipped with sink, refrigerator with ice maker, microwave and a coffee pot.


Video projection equipment may be available for use upon request. To use the projector, you will need to stop by the accounts desk to check out an audiovisual kit with all the necessary accessories you will need, including remote controls and a wireless microphone, as well as additional items depending on whether you choose to bring your own device or use library equipment.

Use library equipment

The audiovisual kit includes a wireless keyboard and mouse you can use to connect to a library computer, which offers internet access, Microsoft Office programs and a camera and microphone for video conferencing. You can access content or files posted online, or you can load files from your USB drive after inserting it into the wall port. Detailed instructions for using library equipment are included in the audiovisual kit.

Bring your own device

The audiovisual kit includes an HDMI cable and USB-C, VGA, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort adapters for you to connect your laptop to the library’s audiovisual system via the wall port. Please note that if your laptop is not compatible with one of these options, you will need to supply your own adapter to connect to the system.

Detailed instructions for connecting your device to the library’s system are included in the audiovisual kit.

Reserving the room

A meeting room reservation form must be completed and approved before use can be scheduled. Note: Verification of non-profit status may be required.

Services offered

Upcoming events

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April 24, 2024
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Northwest Library
Trillium Meeting Room
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May 20, 2024
4:30pm - 5:30pm
Northwest Library
Trillium Meeting Room
Northwest Library

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Tables and chairs set up inside the Northwest Library meeting room

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