Learn the Ukelele Kit, including ukelele, how to play ukelele books and a flower lei
Add some adventure to your life!


May 31, 2022

Ready to add a little adventure to your life? Make the library your first stop!

Adventure is defined as an exciting or unusual experience. We’ve taken some of the best adventures we could think of, such as going on an outdoor excursion or learning to play an instrument, and created Adventure Kits, available for checkout at all three Worthington Libraries locations.

Current kits include: Road Trip for Adults, Road Trip for Families, Bird Watching for Adults, Bird Watching for Families, Camping for Adults, Camping for Families, Nature Walk, Learn the Ukulele, Learn to Sew and Stargazing.

The Nature Walk kit, for example, contains everything you need to thoroughly explore the great outdoors, including binoculars, field guides, a bug viewer and sketch book. The Ukulele Kit contains a ukulele, tuner and three books on how to play.

Adventure Kits can be checked out for 14 days. Each kit contains an inventory list of the items included. The replacement cost for a lost kit is $250.00.

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