Scanner and fax station


October 2, 2023


Fax services are available at all library locations at no charge.

Faxes can be sent to all US phone numbers and most countries internationally.

Faxes are limited to 20 pages; longer documents can be faxed in multiple batches.


Scanning services are also available at all library locations at no charge.

Scan in full color, grayscale or black and white. Scan individual photos, documents or books up to 11x17". Use the document feeder to scan up to 60 double-sided letter (8.5x11") or legal (8.5x14") size pages.

For photos, you can use editing tools to adjust brightness, contrast, color saturation, sharpness and more.

For text documents, you can use OCR tools to translate text into 25 languages.

Output options include images or documents, including PDF or Word files. Text can also be scanned to audio, as MP3 files.

Scan to your email, USB drive, smartphone or Google Drive or Dropbox account. 



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