February 13, 2019

Access millions of titles throughout the United States through our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service! Anyone with an eligible Worthington Libraries library card may borrow materials using ILL.

Available materials

Only items that are not available through the library catalog or SearchOhio may be requested through ILL.

Books and musical scores may be borrowed through ILL. Items must be available in the WorldCat database at a US library to be borrowed through ILL.

We cannot obtain magazines, journals, or other periodical articles, dissertations, audiovisual materials (CDs or CD-ROMs, audiocassettes, VHS tapes or DVDs, films, etc.), or microfilm. We do not request photocopies through ILL.

Please note that not all items available through WorldCat may be borrowed through ILL. Many libraries do not participate in ILL and even those who do may choose to withhold some items from ILL.

ILL borrowing guide

Eligible borrowers

Holders of personal and institution cards in good standing may borrow materials using ILL. Educator and student cards may not be used for ILL. ILL items cannot be delivered to homebound patrons.

Borrowing limits

You may request up to three items per week. ILL items count toward the borrowing limits as outlined in our Borrower's Guide.

Loan period & other restrictions

Lending libraries set the loan period, which can vary from 1-6 weeks. Some libraries restrict certain materials to use inside the library only. Restrictions set by the lending library may not be overruled by either the staff or circulation policies of Worthington Libraries.


ILL materials may not be renewed under any circumstance. A title may be requested again after it has been returned, but it may not come from the same library.


In most cases, ILL service is free because we try to obtain materials from libraries that lend free of charge. However, if materials can only be obtained from libraries that do charge, ILL staff will notify you before borrowing the material.

Overdue items

After 28 days overdue, the ILL staff will contact you to let you know the replacement cost of the item; you may return the material or pay this cost plus a $10 processing fee. Worthington Libraries reserves the right to involve collection agencies to recover overdue materials and all associated costs.

For lost or damaged items, patrons will pay any charge required by the lending library plus a $10 processing fee. The fees for the material and processing fee will be added to your account and can be paid at any Worthington Libraries location.


How to place a request

You may submit a request in person or by telephone, instant message, or email.

Picking up items

ILL materials generally arrive within 2-6 weeks, depending on the lending library.

They must be picked up and returned at one of the three Worthington Libraries locations.

When requested items arrive, you will be notified by email or telephone, depending on the preference you have set in My account. Items will be held at the circulation desk until due back at the lending library. Items not picked up within the allotted time will be returned.

Returning items

Materials must be returned to one of the three Worthington Libraries locations. No other library— even the library that lends the material— may be used.

More information

For questions or more information about Interlibrary Loan service at Worthington Libraries, email