Safe Place sign at library entrance
Young people in crisis can get help at any Worthington Libraries location


April 25, 2019

Teens who identify as being in crisis can get help at all three Worthington Libraries locations through Columbus' Safe Place initiative, a community program designed to assist and support young people experiencing abuse, violence, neglect, poverty or homelessness by providing shelter, support and additional services.

Our libraries all display the yellow and black diamond Safe Place sticker at our entrances to alert youth in crisis that they can seek help with us. Young people may approach any library staff member and say they need Safe Place help.

Library staff will follow procedures to connect young people with the trained staff at Huckleberry House. Huck House, as it's also known, offers a 24-hour shelter for teens, an 18-month transitional living program for young adults who have experienced homelessness and are preparing to live independently in permanent housing, a youth outreach team that connects young people with resources and a family support counseling program with an expertise in adolescent cognitive behavior practices.

In addition to dozens of Safe Place sites throughout central Ohio, young people may also access immediate help via TXT 4 HELP, a text-for-support service for youth in crisis. Teens can text the word "safe" and their current location (address, city, state) to 69866 and receive a message with the closest Safe Place location and the number for the local youth shelter. Young people also have the option to text interactively with a mental health professional for more help.

Young people who need immediate assistance can talk to someone anytime day or night with the 24/7 Crisis Hotline at 614-294-5553.

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