Wireless printing

Worthington Libraries offers wireless printing from your computer inside our library locations, or even from home!

Start at our wireless printing page and follow these steps:

  1. Select a printer.
    Choose the library location where you'd like to print and whether you'd like to print in black & white or color.
  2. Set print release code.
    Enter a code that you will use to release your print job at the library print release station. TIP! To pay for your prints with a balance on your print deposit account, use your library card number as your print release code. Or, enter any code that is at least 8 characters long to ensure that it is unique.
  3. Select the document or file you want to print.
    Browse to the file on your computer or enter a URL to print a web page.

After sending your print job, visit the print release station and enter the print release code you set to print your document or file.

revised March 2017