July 31, 2023
Not That Pet book cover
Mabel's looking for the perfect pet! Read each Story Stroll page to see what she finally gets

Enjoy a Story Stroll in downtown Worthington! 

Throughout August, participating businesses will have individual pages of the picture book Not That Pet! hanging in their High Street-facing windows or doors. At Old Worthington Library, where the Story Stroll starts, pick up a map at the accounts desk or in the children's area (or download and print the map below), then gather your family and walk from business to business reading the pages and completing the early literacy prompts that accompany the story.

In Smriti Halls' Not That Pet!, Mabel is searching for the PERFECT pet for her family, but some of her choices are too scary, smelly, wiggly and giggly!


Story Stroll map [PDF]

Hillary K

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