August 14, 2023

Whether your students are learning about a specific topic or your class needs several copies of a particular title, Worthington Libraries saves you time by providing teacher collections for use in your classroom!

Teacher collections are available to anyone with a valid Educator Card from Worthington Libraries.


  • At least 14 days notice is required to assemble a teacher collection.
  • Collections can include a maximum of 30 items on a specific subject, by a particular author or as part of a general collection of fiction and non-fiction.
  • Only items that circulate for 21 days will be included in collections, except for music CDs and one nonfiction DVD (which can only be checked out for 14 days).
  • Multiple copies of a specific title are considered a teacher collection.
  • "Hot topic" subjects and holiday books will be limited based on availability. Requests for seasonal selections and titles by visiting authors may also be limited. Individual libraries reserve the right to determine other "hot topics" at their locations.
  • You may request a maximum of 2 teacher collections per month while not exceeding the limits of your Educator Card.
  • Collections will be held for 5 days past the pick-up date established when you requested your collection. Failure to pick up a collection twice during a school year will cancel collection privileges for the remainder of the school year.
  • You assume financial responsibility for any lost, damaged or overdue items over and above the limits of your Educator Card.
  • You may be charged a fee for library materials defaced by marks, tape or stickers.